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The Caribbean region is famous worldwide for its string of Antillean islands stretching from North America to South America. These islands are popular with travelers due to their tropical beauty and world class beaches. The Caribbean also includes the north shore of South America and the eastern coast of Central America and Mexico.

Why fly to the Caribbean?

The Caribbean has been a melting pot of cultures since the region was first discovered by Christopher Columbus. Many European nations colonize the region and today travelers can book flights to the Caribbean into English, Spanish, Dutch or French speaking islands or countries. Some Caribbean islands have developed their own dialects but since tourism very important to this region, travelers will find that English is widely spoken.

What are the cheapest Caribbean cities to fly into?

How do I find the cheapest flights to the Caribbean?

Tip 1:
Flights to the Caribbean can be cheaper last minute, but this isn’t always the case. We recommend that you try to book 4-5 months in advance for the cheapest flights to the Caribbean. The price of flights can vary due to the season and availability.

When is the best time to fly to the Caribbean?

The best time of the year to book flights to the Caribbean is from November to March. The weather is hot and tropical all year around. The Caribbean coast of Central America and Mexico offers lush jungles, pre-Colombian ruins, Spanish colonial towns and present day Amerindians villages, some still preserving their traditional way of life. Discover one of the most beautiful and diverse regions of the world when you book your flights to the Caribbean on

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